Economists’ First National Conference 2022: Call for Papers

National Economic Concern Society (NECS), Nepal has announced Economists’ First National Conference 2022. The conference will be held in Kathmandu on February 11-12, 2022. Government authorities, policymakers, entrepreneurs and senior economists are scheduled to participate the conference. The conference will also set up common economic agenda needed for the prosperity of the nation. NECS would like to call papers from economists and research scholars for the upcoming conference. The theme and guideline of the papers are as follows.

Session A: Special Thematic Session

1. Structural Outline of Nepalese Economy and way forward towards Socialism Oriented Economy

2. Plan and Budget in Nepal: Coherence, Implementation and Effectiveness

3. Financial Inclusion, Productive Investment and Financial Stability

4. Challenges of Commercialization and Industrialization of Agriculture

5. Private Sectors in Industrial Development: Existing Situation and Future Prospect

Session B: Regular Session

  1. Strategies for Entrepreneurship Development
  2. Post-Covid Recovery and Development of Tourism Sector
  3. Prospect of International Trade
  4. Problems and Challenges of Industrialization
  5. Productive Investment and Employment Creation
  6. Fiscal Decentralization and Economic Growth
  7. New Paradigm for High Economic Growth
  8. Development through Cooperative Model
  9. Quality Education and Human Development
  10. Foreign Direct Investment
  11. Challenges in Revenue Mobilization


  1. Paper titles similar to aforementioned will also considered for presentation.
  2. Paper length must be between 5,000 to 7,000 words.
  3. Paper should be based in APA Referencing Style.
  4. Paper written in both English and Nepali are acceptable.
  5. Submission Deadline: Paush 25 (Abstract), Magh 15 (Full Paper)
  6. Acceptance/Rejection: Magh 3
  7. Submission E-mail: