About NECS

National Economic Concern Society (NECS), Nepal is a leading Economists’ Organization devoted to advocate better policies for ensuring economic prosperity of the country. It was established in 2007 with the motive of “Empowering national economy as self-sustained, self-governed and nationalistic-natured”. NECS has been actively working in providing policy feedbacks to the government and other stakeholders on the basis of output received from its research, seminars and public interactions. It is a national think tank involved with prominent economist, energetic youthsand entrepreneurs who are engaged in development of the country.

Organizational Background

For decades, Nepal has been falling behind in terms of achieving expected economic growth and development. Transforming existing economy into self-sustained and vibrant one is very challenging due to policy inconsistency, lack of clear vision and resource lacking. After the political revolution of 2007, Nepalese people did have intense willingness and readiness to turn the economy self-sustained and more vibrant. However, socio-economic, political, cultural and educational transformation has beensettled downtowards prosperity. There is a danger of losing such outcome due to the lack of socio-economic transformation with social justice and equality. Not only this, the country may be trapped in the web of globalization due to which the country may lose the natural resources as well as the human resources for ever. Hence, National Economic Concern Society (NECS), Nepal has been active since 2007 to advise policy makers for better policy reform and help country being vibrant and economically self-sustained.

Legality of the Society

The society has been registered in District Administration Office Kathmandu (regd. No.937-064/65) according to organization registration act 2034 on March 3, 2008 (20th Falgun, 2064) and it has been evaluated as continuous heir organized, self-governed, non-profit making, people’s welfare, non-political and non-governmental social organization.