Mission Vision and Activities


Economically Self-sufficient, Self-governed and Prosperous Nepal


A leading think tank to provide policy advices to the government and other relevant bodies in burning socio-economic issues


To provide substantial analytical inputs through the research and public policy debate for the policy formulation in achieving higher economic generating employment, maintaining efficient distributionand social justice to achieve high economic growth and development by encouraging the national production.


  • To conduct research in socio-economic issues.
  • To organize discussion, interaction, seminar, and training programs in current economic affairs for efficient policy implementation.
  • To contribute substantially in the process of economic transformation with policy feedback to the government.
  • To publish journals, books, magazines and other necessary materials in a periodic manner for raising economic awareness.
  • To raise the voice against all economic evils and advocate for better academic discipline and quality education.
  • To develop new economic idea through research and investigation to cope up current economic problems.