Call for Papers for 3rd National Economists’ Conference-2080

National Economic Concern Society (NECS), Nepal

3rd National Economists’ Conference – 2080

Chaitra 2 & 3, 2080

Kathmandu, Nepal,

Call for Paper

National Economic Concern Society (NECS), Nepal is a leading Economists’ Organization devoted to advocate better policies for ensuring economic prosperity of the country. It was established in 2007 with the motive of “Empowering national economy as self-sustained, self-governed and nationalistic-natured”. One of the way of achieving this motive is to create environment for the presence of economists and political leaders to discuss on contemporary issues by organizing National Economists’ Conference. In this context, we invite papers (articles, reviews, and perspectives) from all the interested intellectuals, experts, and students in our 3rd National Economists’ Conference-2080, on the following contemporary Issues.

Contemporary Issues of Nepal

Ø Economic growth and prosperity trap

Ø Sustainable development of Information Technology, Tourism and agricultural sector

Ø Trade deficit, Balance of Payment and Foreign Exchange

Ø Disaster management, Climate change and possible threats to community life

Ø Foreign and domestic employment, Remittance

Ø Changing Regional-Global Order and its Possible Impact on Nepal

Ø Role of local government in sustainable development

Ø Restructuring Cooperatives and Microfinance

Ø Industrial activities, value chain, and value addition

Ø Political system, planning, and economic development

Ø Banking and Investment, Money and Capital Market

Important Deadlines

Abstract submission: Poush 25, 2080

Full Paper submission: Falgun 15, 2080

PPT Submission: Falgun 25, 2080

Highly qualified papers will be published in conference proceeding book and Journal “The Journal of Economic Concerns” [listed in Nepjol]