Research and Report Writing Training for Graduates

NECS announces a one month training program for researchers on Research and Report Writing. This training starts from January 2, 2019. The aim of this training is to make students be able to write a good research report. The training will deliberate practical skills needed for graduates in academia and research institutions. It will focus on how to choose a good research topic, how to write a good research proposal, how to find and enroll in PhD researches in reputed universities, how to start writing research paper, how to use econometric and statistical models, how to write Master/PhD thesis, how to write a good research report  and so on.

Expected participants:  Thesis year students; PhD seeking students; All graduates who wish to advance their research knowledge

To participate in the training, please contact us.

Dr. Jeeban Amgain, Program Coordinator

NECS Nepal, Kathmandu


Phone: +977-9866254297